Monday, February 7, 2011

Mellow Yellow... QUITE RIGHT

Can I just ask why people still follow the "if its yellow, let it mellow"? philosophy? I have never understood it. I mean... i GET it. Save water etc etc etc. But in a world of low flow toilets, why do people still do it? The thing i enjoy is, you are never surprised when a household does it. I have never been to a mansion or nice condo and seen that happen. Thats not the type... but I think we all know that if you are in a house that composts or saves coffee grounds... RED FLAG! There is a chance you may see an Oh Henry in Lemonade.

A good friend of mine plays a hippy and "earthy" character and his best line is "If its yellow, let it mellow. If its brown, scoop it up with your hands and put it in the compost". It always makes me laugh extremely hard.

I always forget about things to write about when I actually sit down to write. Every day I think and see things that I think.... OOO I should put that in my blog. I should get myself a little pad of paper or something. I would likely forget it at home. Thats how I work. Even with that, I dont understand the odd phrases like "If your head wasnt attached you'd loose it"... really? I doubt it! "If you were going any slower you would be going backwards" THAT DOESNT MAKE SENSE! You would stop.

I have been writing my new one man show and its going well. Cutting out bits, fixing some. etc etc. Its nice to work on it. Nothing like a 60 minute rant about whatever i like. Its as if its a dream come true. And I have news about that show but I wont be sharing it until this weekend. Why? You will see! CALM DOWN! RELAX!

I have a couch! thats exciting! Its black! Its actually a futon. but it means I dont need to sit on the floor like a hobo! Now I get to sit... i dunno... 8inches? Though lets be honest.... if a man estimates it at 8 inches it's likely closer to 4. lets be honest... Im sitting on the floor

I will end with this. Christina Aguilera sang the american national anthem at the super bowl. And got the words wrong... in front of 150 million americans... what was the worst thing that happened to you yesterday?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 2 - Im Baaaaaack.

Hello folks! Have you missed me? I hope so! Welcome back and Im sorry to have been an absentee landlord. If i am gone, who will take up the torch to talk about mundane things in a slightly amusing manor? Probably any college age person who things what they say is gold... but dont tell them I said that. Not that it matters, they are likely to high to write anything worth reading.

So Im back. Why did I leave? Well I had a bit of a crisis of faith I suppose. As I have not been seeking much performing work and not missing it, I wondered if I should even bother. If I dont have the thirst for it... why should I? And If I dont want to act, then why do I have a blog about an actor trying to make it in Toronto. And Then I said two things. 1) Shut up and audition for something, and 2) When was the last time I said anything in this blog about acting? Anybody? Yea... I dont remember either!

Also in the past few days it has been non-stop since producing Amy's now hit song "Nerdy Girls Need Love Too". Today alone it went up 28,000 views on youtube and I couldn't be happier. Many people have asked if I am upset that amy's video has gotten so many more views than mine, and I am really not! I mean, YES I cry... but thats because I have dust in my eye... every time I watch youtube...


But in reality I couldnt be happier! I produced, directed, and edited the video and the fact that I was able to offer a vehicle to amy's voice, guitar playing, and oh so pretty looks, is A-OKAY by me.

Tonight, Amy and I took ourselves to see the new Toronto production of "BILLY ELLIOT". Its a wonderful musical and a solid and entertaining production. The young boy who played Billy tonight was a real talent and got a deserving standing ovation. It didnt make me want to dance, and I didnt leave humming any of the songs from Elton Johns score, but I still had some laughs, some tears, and at the end of the day... I was standing with everybody else. AND... because Toronto is in the middle of a storm warning, lots of folks didnt show up so we went from okay seats to AMAZING seats. Bonus! Like it was meant to be.

Ever had a bad cupcake? Isnt that disappointing? And I mean just REALLY sad!? Not... small puppy with hiccups, but just bad day sad. There was a short lived place across from my last place of work that tasted terrible. How do you do that? Why would start a business if the only thing you sell is garbage!? Its why you dont see a lot of post-tornado motor homes for sale. Thats not a fixer-upper... thats a chuck it outer.

I am currently eating what I feel to be the best ice cream in the world. WE ARE WAFFLING by the good folks at Ben & Jerry. Its my favorite ice cream and I really like that in french it translates to "we are undecided". Good times

Thanks for reading.