Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 2 - Im Baaaaaack.

Hello folks! Have you missed me? I hope so! Welcome back and Im sorry to have been an absentee landlord. If i am gone, who will take up the torch to talk about mundane things in a slightly amusing manor? Probably any college age person who things what they say is gold... but dont tell them I said that. Not that it matters, they are likely to high to write anything worth reading.

So Im back. Why did I leave? Well I had a bit of a crisis of faith I suppose. As I have not been seeking much performing work and not missing it, I wondered if I should even bother. If I dont have the thirst for it... why should I? And If I dont want to act, then why do I have a blog about an actor trying to make it in Toronto. And Then I said two things. 1) Shut up and audition for something, and 2) When was the last time I said anything in this blog about acting? Anybody? Yea... I dont remember either!

Also in the past few days it has been non-stop since producing Amy's now hit song "Nerdy Girls Need Love Too". Today alone it went up 28,000 views on youtube and I couldn't be happier. Many people have asked if I am upset that amy's video has gotten so many more views than mine, and I am really not! I mean, YES I cry... but thats because I have dust in my eye... every time I watch youtube...


But in reality I couldnt be happier! I produced, directed, and edited the video and the fact that I was able to offer a vehicle to amy's voice, guitar playing, and oh so pretty looks, is A-OKAY by me.

Tonight, Amy and I took ourselves to see the new Toronto production of "BILLY ELLIOT". Its a wonderful musical and a solid and entertaining production. The young boy who played Billy tonight was a real talent and got a deserving standing ovation. It didnt make me want to dance, and I didnt leave humming any of the songs from Elton Johns score, but I still had some laughs, some tears, and at the end of the day... I was standing with everybody else. AND... because Toronto is in the middle of a storm warning, lots of folks didnt show up so we went from okay seats to AMAZING seats. Bonus! Like it was meant to be.

Ever had a bad cupcake? Isnt that disappointing? And I mean just REALLY sad!? Not... small puppy with hiccups, but just bad day sad. There was a short lived place across from my last place of work that tasted terrible. How do you do that? Why would start a business if the only thing you sell is garbage!? Its why you dont see a lot of post-tornado motor homes for sale. Thats not a fixer-upper... thats a chuck it outer.

I am currently eating what I feel to be the best ice cream in the world. WE ARE WAFFLING by the good folks at Ben & Jerry. Its my favorite ice cream and I really like that in french it translates to "we are undecided". Good times

Thanks for reading.

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