Saturday, January 29, 2011

January 29 - Col Mustard Gas, on the subway, with a bomb!

We have now done so much, for so long, with so little, that we can now do anything with nothing.

That motto is above the door at a small and perfect breakfast restaurant in Victoria, BC. I love it. I like places that serve a good breakfast! Not crap, not expensive. Just good food at a good price. Cabin 12 gets my vote. Partially because of that quote, in part because of the food, and in part because the owner is from my hometown.

Right now I am laying in bed and listening to Taylor Mac. For those who dont know, Taylor Mac is an entertainer and a drag queen from New York. A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting him and watching him perform. I loved his show and his voice. Wonderful music and a terrific and unique talents. He sings a song called "Fear Itself" which I think is a wonderful anthem for the world right now, and he has an epic song called "The Palace Of The End". Its a fictitious love story between Lynne Cheyney and Sadam Hussein, amongst other things. If you have any interest in it YouTube Taylor Mac sings The Palace of the end. Its not for everybody, but to those who get it, well enjoy!

I have been listening to a lot of music lately. Another singer I have been listening to is Curtis Eller. Curtis Eller is a modern banjo player straight out of the turn of the last century. I know that doesnt make much sense, but once you listen to his music it will be a very fitting description.

Other than those two fairly unknown performers I have also been listening a lot of "Mumford and Sons". I have been fans of theirs for a while now, and I dont know if its because I am writing a show about god, but their whole album is religious. I had no idea. Are they a christian band at all? Most of their lyrics arent even very subtle about it. The music and the lyrics are wonderful, so I have no plans to stop listening, I just found it interesting once I started to notice.

Okay. enough of this music chat. Time to get disgusting. If you have a high opinion about me, please cut your losses and thanks for reading. I was on the subway today, and without going into a lot of detail... my tummy was not feeling well. As our silver rocket rounded the corner aching its way to the St George station, I took the opportunity to let out the smallest bit of gas. What I didnt know, and could never predict, is what putrid cloud would emanate from my poor decision. At 5pm, on a packed subway train full of people coming home from work, my ass began a chemical war from which there would be no survivors. Fortunately for me, the direction and source of the attack could not be discovered. And then it happened. A moment of sheer comedy and opportunity. The woman across the train from me picked up her little baby from its stroller and smelled her bum. Thats right, a mother worried that her child had caused this horrific moment in the day of the good people of toronto. And the shame of opportunity knocked. My scape goat would be in the form of a small helpless child in booties with no help of defending itself. When the mother placed the child back in the stroller, I glared at it with distain! After a few moments I lifted my newspaper to my face but not before releasing an audible "tsk tsk tsk". When I lowered my paper moments later to turn the page, I saw that my fellow transit patrons were all glaring in the direction of the child. As I sat their my body readied itself for another attack. Silent and swift it came, causing destruction to the simple townsfolk around. In a moment of sheer genius, i glared at the baby, stood up, and walked away. I have committed an act of terrorism. And I let a baby go to prison for it.

I do feel much better now though!

Thanks for reading!

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