Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 6 - Hello Old Friend

So Its been a while my dear internet friends.

I have not blogged in almost 5 months.

When I stopped several months ago, I was in the middle of writing a solo comedy show. I found it hard to put together, and i discovered that when I wasnt trying to be funny on here, I had more jokes and energy to put into the show.

I did the show in May of this year, and it went okay. I am often never really that happy with my shows or my performances. I dont know if its being a perfectionist or if its just the life of a comic who listens to the crowd and says, OH! That joke can be better... oh that punchline needs to come earlier etc etc etc. Always growing always changing and in order to do that I guess I am more critical that I sometimes should be. I had fun though. I got to go back to Victoria BC for the show and perform in front of my favorite audience.

While I felt I needed to move away, I know that I will take any opportunity to return home. I love victoria. Im happy that I will get to go back with my all new and improved show. The goal is to take it on the road next year so I have tightened the show. Added some New moments, added some old, and subtracted the dull and the ramble. I think its better for it.

Since we last chatted I have Been to victoria, Quit a job, gotten a new job, and visited the wonderful city of New York for the very first time. Have you ever been some place before that the moment you arrive it is everything you had thought that it would be? All of Italy was like that for me. Especially Rome. And now NYC is as well. Exactly as I thought it would be. I will be honest and say that if the opportunity arose to ever live there I dont know if I could pack my bags fast enough.

So right now I am sitting in bed, my air conditioner blasting away, and starting my blog again. I have no idea if I will keep on with it. I can guarantee that I wont do it every day, but I do like to do it. Its a place where I can be very honest. Even if its just to strangers.

Thanks for reading and I promise I will blog again!... at somepoint.

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