Thursday, October 20, 2011

October 20 - Whistle Down The WInd

Hello blog,

Today I am writing out of boredom. I stopped writing on this blog a while ago because I was writing a show, and turns out I cant think of separate funny things at one time. So here we are. I am weeks away from my one year anniversary of moving to Toronto. Its been nice. I have really enjoyed living here. As I have said before, I dont love it in Toronto, but its where I live right now.

I went down to buy tickets to Rigoletto for tonight and the guy in line in front of me was reading the bible. I dont know if its because of my atheistic beliefs that it seemed strange, but isnt it kinda odd? I mean... is that something you read in public now? I always kind of assumed it was like Playboy. You have a copy your dad gave you, you keep it by your bed, and every once in a while you pull it out for a read to feel something on the inside. no? Im not saying bibles need to be sold in a paper bags from poorly lit stores that are open 24 hours. Technically Im not saying anything i suppose... just expressing a feeling. To me reading the bible in public is like paying to take a mechanics course on how to fix a cloud car powered by rainbows... it costs you a bit of money, takes up a bit of time, and at the end... nobody cares what you have learned.

I am planning to tour next year. It should be fun. Right now its waiting to find out if i got into the festivals. I will know most of them by the end of the year, but its so frustrating to apply and then wait. I cant plan my next year, i have to live in a limbo zone of maybe and hope. Its no fun, but if it goes well, then i suppose limbo was a good place to be. I wrote a one man show called "God Is A Scottish Drag Queen". I premiered it just this summer and it got some great reviews and some good reactions. Something that I always get a giggle out of is how impressed people are by the 'improv' nature of the show. The show is written. Rarely do i go off script but the idea is to make it appear that I am. I always feel like when you go see a comedy show you want to feel that you are the first person to hear those jokes and that its not Material and planned out. I do leave a portion of the show open to improv, but its great when folks think the whole thing is. A few summers ago I did a show called War Of 1812 which is 95% written, but with 4 comics you always have that small margin for extra. It use to make one of the writers so mad when reviews would say OH WOW ITS SO GREAT THAT THEY IMPROV THIS. I always thought it was cute. Wow. I am rambling away.

I dont think I have much more to say. I just thought it would be fun. OH! a girl that is in the same room as me is whistling. Whistling is very abrasive. Its like coming into a room and saying STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING! I HAVE A DITTY! You cant do anything while somebody whistles. You cant focus, you cant watch tv, listen to music, read a book. Just listen to them. And its never a good song! YES I LIKE PINA COLADAS! NO I DONT LIKE THEM WHISTLED OFF KEY! Ever talk to somebody and their nose is whistling and they dont know it? I find when that happens all I do is just stare aimlessly at their nose. As if my glare will somehow force free the poorly angled booger that is making this person a life size penny whistle.

I am clearly just talking about nothing now

Good day.

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