Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15 - Something Sexy, God, and Weed

Hello fair few,

So it would appear that other than my "Mile High Club" not to many folks care about this particular blog. In fact since that wonderful day, blog views have been 1/10 of what they were. So today, November 15th, I am sad to tell the world that this blog, WILL CONTINUE FOREVER!

Welcome back! Even if nobody reads my blog it will still happen every day! But to those small few who do read it.. thank you! I appreciate it!

So here we are! I would just like to say that I feel my current roommates smoke alot of weed. Now I have never smoked weed (I KNOW! Its hard to believe, but it's true!), but most of my BC friends do, but I still feel like these guys smoke ALOT. Which isnt a bad thing at all. Just saying. So as I write today's blog I would like you to know that I may or may not have a contact high. Im really hungry... but I think that is the diet talking!

There is a castle here in this lovely town. A palatial estate called Casa Loma. Casa Loma took 300 mean nearly 3 years to complete. And in 1911 when the castle was finally built it came in at a cost of $3.5 million, which is a lot for the day. Now for those of you who don't have an inflation calculator I will let you know that that cost today would be roughly $60 million dollars. Which for a castle in downtown Toronto I gotta say... that's not bad!

Its at this time that I would like to drop an unpaid for product placement into this blog. For anybody travelling to Victoria BC at this time of year, or at any time of year, one of the best things to do is to go to Garricks Head Pub, sit by the fire, have a bite to eat and wash it down with an amazing Phillips Chocolate Porter. These people have paid me nothing to say this. I say it only because i have yet to find a truly amazing pub in Toronto, and GOSH I miss it. Im sure there are many! So if you know of one please dont hesitate to tell me about it.

This week I visit for the first time the Rivoli and Eton house to try and meet and greet some folks to get some stage time. I am very excited to say that a very important person has been invited to my show on December 8th here in town! Now I dont know if they will see it, or send some lackey, but none-the-less, the fact that this very influential person in the world of Canada wide comedy knows my name? Thats a good start for me. If they show up, I will tell you all about it.

And just before we finish class and I assign homework, i would like to talk about a people who just drive me mental. Born Again Christians. Now if you are a born again, this would be the time to log off now. One of my biggest characters that I do is a Scottish drag version of GOD. This character, created by myself and the wonderful Jacob Richmond, talks about religion, history, and life in a really logical and funny way. Because of this character I am often asked what my own view of god might be. Very simply I am not much of a believer. If these is something there I haven't seen much proof of it. Now I once talked to a pastor about this who said he wished he had so much faith to believe that this world was created by accident, but that he didn't. And I understand that. But peoples beliefs are their own. I love gospel music, and some of my closest friends are quite religious. Which is great! I have no preference for what you believe. Its all personal. But I have been so fortunate as to befriend a few people in my life who are born again Christians. These few people that i have known have steered so far off the path that its both shocking and embarrassing and then stubled hung over and used back into the forgiving bosom of the lord only to get up on a high horse and hurl their beliefs at others like lightening bolts.

Here is my thing. At the end of the day, if there is a god thats great. I have been honest about be beliefs and I try on an average day to treat people as best I can. I have respect and manors and, minus a small handful of people, dislike nobody. So at the end of the day, if there is a god, and he looks in his book of sins, do you think he will notice my occasional indiscretion or your lengthy bender of sex, drugs and booze that has now erased what you would lovingly call your 20's.

I love life and thats what gets me out of bed in the morning. If for you, its the love god or something else you believe in... then thats wonderful. Just don't judge anybody else for their beliefs.

That was ALOT longer than I had planned.

I will be less preachy from now on. And maybe soon I will tell you what caused that blurb.

Stay classy world.


Thanks for reading. Tell your friends!


  1. Enjoying your Blog Mike! That castle sounds amazing - that WAS a lot of money for those days! Sorry I don't know of any good pubs having never been to Toronto, except the airport. Anyway, had a chuckle when I went to your profile page and your picture advises I can "view full size"!

  2. Ditto on your beliefs...I feel pretty much the same way. We have some friends that are quite religious, but they (and their friends and congregants, pastor, etc) are never preachy or pushy and like us for who we are, and we like them for who they are. We're proud to be part of each other's lives.

  3. And if any religious friends ARE offended, just blame the pot! :)

    To add to my wife's comment above, I come from a long line of crazy southern baptist people and am not one of them, so I have a natural fear of fundamentalists, but the ones we know here in Victoria are SUPER cool and nice and generally dispel everything I hate about fundies and I kinda hate that because we all love our biases, you know?

    PS. As for Garrick's Head, I haven't been there nearly enough and now that I know you have "broken in" a comfy chair by the fire for me (we're roughly the same size), I plan on substituting for you there till you get back. Best wishes on the show, I wish we were there to cheer you on.

    PPS. Wes Lord did a KILLER set last night, you'd have been proud.

  4. You spelled "appreciate" correctly.