Sunday, November 28, 2010

november 28 - Foreign films and fame

So it happened today. Today I went to a small local theatre and watched a foreign film from england. It was delightful and seemed to have an okay budget and an exciting script. I saw Harry Potter. I really enjoyed it. I thought the 2.5 hours went by really fast. My roommate and I saw it at a theatre that has a VIP option. If you choose this theatre, its about 4 or 5 dollars more, but there are amazing seats, maybe 30 seats total, a nice small screen that is perfect for the room, plus they have a waitress that will bring you your pop and popcorn and they also serve booze. Nothin like a lazy boy recliner, a beer, and a movie. Will I do it again? hell yes I will.

Today was my first day off in 9 days. I slept and and relaxed and it couldnt have been nicer. Made a quick trip to the store to get gloves and shoes for the snow. I got the gloves, but the place didnt have my size for boots. I suppose its a good thing that there isnt snow on the ground. YET! I read that this year will be one of the worst years for snow in Toronto... I suppose we shall see. WHO KNOWS.

For those of you following my hunt for a place to live as of January 1st, I will update you that another place has fallen through. Found out at noon today that an AMAZING place right on the water wouldn't accept my application. Oh well. So much for all the perks of being poor! Shame.

So here we are. What should we talk about today? First off to anybody in Victoria BC who is reading this, i would like to push a show for you to see. Justin Carter will be doing a show at the Intrepid Theatre Club called Son of Africville on December 4th. Its an autobiographical show about meeting his birthmother after 20 years of seperation. He is a wonderful actor and singer and I highly recommend supporting him. Show is $10 from intrepid Theatre. Go see it!

I will be honest with you folks, I really dont know what to write tonight. Its a case of an overflow of ideas. 37 ideas when I want to have just one. Can I just say though that I think customer service is underrated? I have had bad service day after day after day! Its just not important in toronto. When I went to start up my new bank account, the woman behind the desk asked how she could help me and then didnt even listen to my response! I said I wanted to set up an account and she looked back up at me and replied... gosh its cold out today isnt it? I responded by just leaving. I went to another branch and got treated like a terrorist instead. So good for me! I have a fairly big audition in December that I would like to go well. In fact when I think about it I cant help but get a little twinkly in my eye and the tiniest amount of puke in my mouth. Its tough here. I feel like performing gives me the oxygen to live. Right now i am swimming in this pool of mundane work and meet and greets after shows and when i get on stage and get laughs its like INHALE!!!! and back in. I was worried when i came out here that nobody would want to see me perform, and if they did they wouldn't like my stuff. In the 2 stand up shows I have done, i got asked back right after... so people find me funny... now its just trying to make a lot of them find me funny. I thought about performing in a shirt that has my name on it... but that seems stupid. Its still on the table of options though.

I have a show on Dec 8th in toronto. If you know anybody who should see the show, please shoot me an email and I will happily invite them! or give you the info and you can invite them! I just want to work! hahaha.

A fuse has just blown in my place and in order to turn it back on I will have to go down to Crazy hazels in the morning. Worth it? No its not! Time to turn off the computer. More about crazy hazel tomorrow! I am going to try and sleep if I can. If there is a subject you think i should talk about, send me an email, or even make a comment. I always like suggestions. And hey, I might not know anything about it, so an uneducated rant might be fun! or get me elected to government. YES! YES that joke just happened. Hello canadian TV! Here I come!


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