Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 21 - Food, movies, and dinosaurs

Here we are again.

Yet another late entry into the world of blogs.

What shall we chat about today? Lets chat about the health front. I think it may be time for Mr Delamont to head down and perhaps purchase some glasses. I have astigmatism and normally its okay, but it has gotten worse. My eyes get tired and I get head aches. Of course today I spent 7 hours working in front of a computer, then saw a movie and am now blogging and after that I plan to read the new GQ. The doctor says that i should do less of all of that... I suppose i could try.

Do you know what is refreshing? A tall drink of water! Do you know what is not entertaining, delicious or enjoyable? A tall drink of water! What do you call a handsome man standing at the bar? Steve, but there is no time for that. FOCUS! all I drink is water. No juice, no coffee, no pop, no nothing! (minus the odd pint) I have stopped drinking the sugar stuff to help drop the weight. Its helping but man is it dull. Good god. Now i wont knock that stuff forever, but i need to go cold turkey right now or I just wont stop. This is killing me. My body just wants to be fat so I have to train it. My mind and my heart are happy but my body thinks this is bullshit. Hey body... you want a chicken wrap with no salt, cheese, or dressing? NO I DONT! OKAY! I WANT TO GO HOME AND MAKE A HUGE SERVING OF PENNE COVERED IN A BEAUTIFUL TOMATO AND GARLIC SAUCE AND TOPPED WITH JUST THE RIGHT COMBINATION OF MOZZARELLA AND ASIAGO! THATS WHAT I WANT OKAY?!?! okay... but all we have is a chicken wrap... it has pickles! You like pickles... Fine I'll eat the fuckin chicken. Of course after that my body gets the kick start of protein and green colored healthy vegetables and forgets about being hungry or wanting shit food and we continue with our day... but none the less! REVOLUTION!

After work today I went 2 blocks over and watched the new Danny Boyle film "127 Hours" about a hiker for falls in the desert and gets his arm caught underneath a boulder. James Franco is in it and, as always, he is wonderful. It was a tough movie to watch due to how graphic it gets. The big plot point raised over and over again is will he survive. Of course in the opening credits it says the film is based on his book. So obviously he survives. Sorry to ruin that for you. But there is still alot of suspense. For me I had an Idea of what was going to happen. If you want to see this movie I say read nothing more about it and just go and see it. Dont read a synopsis or review. just go. The blinder the better. As a person who is afraid of falling AND claustrophobic, It was a very hard movie for me to watch. This is the number one reason why I havent (yet) watched "buried" with Ryan Reynolds. a 90 minute film shot in a coffin. I used to be afraid of being buried alive, and i realize that my fears are now simply the helplessness of a situation and the claustrophobia. So basically I will try my best not to get stuck anywhere lol

Toronto is a great city and for somebody who loves theatre, there isnt really a better place to be in canada. It hasnt started to feel like home yet though. I think it will once I have my own place, but right now as I am subletting a room it hasnt quite settled yet. The job helps. My bosses asked me yesterday... so when can you work? and I said... I dunno... All the time? What would I say? No sorry I cant work that day, i have to much nothing to do! Tickets for a certain musical about a lion come on sale tomorrow so it will be nice to work at a job thats finally super busy. Busy helps make the time fly by.

SO. The plan this week? work 40 hours. See 4 live comedy shows. and 1 European film about a young student named Harold. I shall write about all of it in the best detail I can.

I just learned that my current weight is the same weight that Tyrannosaurus Rex babies loose their feathers and hair. Thats a fun fact! Ironically when I first got to this weight, I became hairless as well. Interesting. I also have small arms and a huge head. I dont want to ruin it for anybody... but i MIGHT be a dinosaur.

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  1. I love your comments about what your body wants, and about your weight struggle generally (for obvious reasons). I myself am a Coke addict. Which, though it is killing me, is still better than being a Pepsi addict. so there's that.

    I admire the willpower necessary to avoid drinking, you know, THINGS THAT TASTE GOOD. Water is good, but even here where I think the quality of the water is very good (compared to where I used to live) it's BORING. I still drink a couple of litres or more per week of water. I wish I could identify the exact moment in time I started being able to convince myself to eat or drink un-delicious crap simply because it's good for me and I know I should.

    Bleah. This is a cruel trick our alien overlords have played on us.