Thursday, November 25, 2010

November 25 - Slutty Winter Coat

I have learned a valuable lesson this week. I have worked the last 8 days in a row working about 60 hours in said days. When I work at 9 it means that, if I want to walk, I need to be out the door at 8:35ISH. which means I drag my ass out of bed at say... 7:45. On average I go to bed at around 3am. If you are a fan of math, you will see that that equals about 4.5 hours of sleep. Now, Jay Leno works on 5 hours of sleep at night. He says he cant sleep any more. he wakes up early every day. I, in many ways, am not Jay Leno. I am fuckin tired people. just exhausted. So do I stop? do I stop seeing shows and waddle my ass home at a reasonable hour? NOPE! No I do not. but I should have. And now I am. Lesson learned.

It was talked about in an article once, but I really dont like to talk to people. I will happily say hello and chat with a fan when they take the time out of their day to say hi, and my friend Rod and I will stand on a street corner and talk for hours in the middle of the night sometimes, and I will happily shoot the shit over a beer with the guys, but I cant handle the schmooze. I dont do it well. I get nervous meeting new people, and I hate hate hate being the actor that just talks about all of their upcoming shows. Its so gross! I just cant do it. I performed the other night and all I wanted to do was to leave after. I know that i should schmooze. I should push myself on these people instead of just shaking hands and introducing myself. I never know what to say! oh well. Maybe one day I will change.

I went to see Burlesque last night. The movie people! Cher! It was one of the few times that I wished I was a flaming homosexual. How a movie that is so predictable and poorly written gets Stanley Tucci I will never know. Like his friend Oliver Platt, the addition of Stanley Tucci, no matter what size the role, will greatly improve a film. What a terrible film. Terrible! And I honestly couldnt have had more fun. The audience cheered after each song. Broke out in hard laughter when Christina sang for the first time. and gave a standing ovation at the end. If you didnt get the camp of the film walking in, then this crowd would happily help you with that. It was a really great time. My only actual complaint is the total waste of talent in casting Alan Cummings as the door man. He did nothing and he is so fantastic. He has less than 10 lines in the film, and for such a good actor, its just not right. Oh well. Who knows what went on!

I have been on the hunt to find a place in Toronto for January. I had a place lined up but it fell through which was disappointing. Oh well! Trying to find a nice place in this town is crazy! I think i might have done it though. I have put in an application for a beautiful place right downtown on the lake. 46 story with a view of the CN tower. So amazing. I hope I get it. and im not gonna lie, I will blow my fucking stack if I dont. There is nothing that kills your motivation more than constant rejection! (Says the actor trying to make it in toronto. interesting)

Talked to my mom on the phone today. She read the blog last night. Notice any comments on here? Nope. Were there comments? Yes... yes there were.

I want to share something with you reader. I dont know how to say this... but...

I was raped today. I know what you think. You are a guy and a giant. how the fuck does that happen. I didnt see it coming. I was on my break at work and had to go downtown for a meeting. I took a wrong turn and went down the wrong street and bam. I didnt want it. I didnt so it was okay, and i hated every moment. The wind raped me like a whore. I turned around the corner and got the wind in my face from off the lake at -3 today. It pushed my against a wall and ruined me. My hands trembled and I tried to get away from it but couldnt. Admittedly, I was walking with my coat wide open before I turned the corner around the building so... i guess cause of the way i was dressed i might have been asking for it... but I dont think thats right. I HATE THE WIND. I HATE IT!

Thanks for the read!


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