Friday, November 26, 2010

November 26 - Cowboys, Chick Flicks, and a Bitch

A short while ago I mentioned my steal of a deal western dvd purchase. I watched the first one last night and really enjoyed it. Its tough though as some of them, I think, will be terrible. Its tough when movies are made in the late 60's and early 70s to not have that 70's feel in the making of the film. I think thats why the good the bad and the ugly is so timeless. Side note, Eli Wallach who plays Tuco in that film (or UGLY) is also in the movie "the holiday". I hadnt really seen him in anything else and to see him in that movie as a sweet old man was wonderful. Big Lee Van Cleef fan as well. Being a younger guy, born past the golden age of westerns, its amazing to me that a man could get steady starring work for almost 40 years in mostly just westerns. I adore western movies and I would happily do one any time. I actually have a piece in my stand up about that! I would tell it to you now but its more of a visual thing. Its good though.

To those that know me, they know that I am a big fan of what is commonly called the chick flick. I have seen most of them and on several occasions it was me dragging the women to see them. I think they are cute and adorable and good fun. Are they great films? no. Are they well written? usually no. One of my top ten favorite films is Love Actually. I think its an amazing movie. Its heavy and light, well written and well directed. Its a good movie any time, but a great holiday film.

Before work today I was crossing the street. A large truck went by and it had a word on the side. "HiLite" There were two young construction workers beside me and one said the word out loud. he said "HILL TEE" to which his friend said "its HIGH LIGHT... fuckin faggot". Now I dont know how that word came into play. But it made me wonder... is this guy under the impression that gay people cant spell? because that is wrong sir! THAT IS WRONG. The gays in general have both wonderful spelling AND penmanship! I wanted to walk up to that illiterate construction worker and say... it gets better son. It gets better.

So I have been a proud client of Coast Capital Savings for a good long time now, but Toronto doesnt have a prominent Credit Union. I have been forced to open an account at a bank. The largest one in town is Scotiabank. I have friends and old girlfriends who have had accounts with them and just hated them, but here we are. I miss the days when you walked into a business and they seemed happy to have you there. In setting up an account I had an issue with the woman as she treated me like she didnt even want me there. I thought half way through of saying... I can keep my money some place else if you'd like me too. Her name plate said "Director of First Impressions" Considering she wasnt there when I walked in and then treated me like a hobo, I feel like she should change her title. Maybe something more fitting. Princess of the High Horse Brigade? Exececutive VP in charge of being a twat? I dunno... I will think of something. This woman asked me who I worked for and I told her that I work for Mirvish. And she didnt know who that was. Now I understand if you have never been to Toronto or if you have no interest or knowledge in canadian theatre, but this woman was obviously from toronto. For those of you who dont know who Ed and David Mirvish are, they are, amongst other things, major theatre producers. The first canadian producers of Miss Saigon, Les Mis and Phantom amongst others. But ALSO, along king street where 2 of their 4 theatres are (as well as this scotia bank) the name MIRVISH is on every lamp post down nearly a 10 block strip. This woman passes them EVERY DAY to get into work. It just didnt make sense.

Anyways. I am working just over 50 hours a week and need to be up bright and early for tomorrow! Good night! Talk to you tomorrow.


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  1. Seriously -- I would just send that next to last paragraph as a letter in its own right to the general manager of that branch. It's perfect.