Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22 - Popped Collar Douche

Tonight as I was walking home I was checked out by 3 guys. And when I say "checked out" I dont mean oooo who is that handsome husky dark haired fellow? I mean that i got checked out as in "what the fuck are you looking at peasant?". Now, I get it! Some people think highly of themselves, and honestly, some should. But I will NOT take being looked down upon by three guys who travel together in the same car and wear sunglasses at 11:30pm! Its almost midnight boys! Loose the shades, tone down the cologne that smells like musky balls, and un pop your collar, you are a fucking adult. You wanna fuck a 20 year old college girl? Build a time machine and go back 18 years to when you were appealing to them.

I would like to extend a warm hello and thank you to my new over seas readers! This blog now has readers in Canada, United States, Britain, Singapore, Slovenia, Denmark, Ecuador, Germany, and Australia.

Speaking of Germany, I would like to promote two very dear friends of mine. Several years ago I was fortunate enough to become friends with a brother and sister in Berlin. Astrid and Otto Rot have a band and tour the world. Now if you dont know who they are, you should. Right now I am wearing one of their t shirts that I got this summer. Their music is wonderful and inventive, as musicians they are talented and inspiring, and as people they are sweet and kind. Do yourself a favor and visit itunes and listen to their stuff. look up Die Roten Punkte, or go to their website . People with that much talent need to be a household names and I want you to trust me when I say that their CD's (their newest is my favorite) are worth every penny.

Tonight I went out to see stand up comedy here in Toronto. As somebody who is trying to be funny for a living, its tough to watch comedy from the audience. For some of the performers I sit there and laugh and say GOD they are funny! and then I watch others and I say HOW THE HELL ARE THEY UP THERE AND IM NOT!?!?! Oh well. Give it time I guess.

As some of you know I am on a weight loss kick. An old friend of mine sent me an email yesterday with options to spice up my enjoyment of water. Also made recommendations on how to fix the hunger of dieting. I just want to say to all who read and take an interest in my weight loss journey that I am doing it properly. I complain a lot cause it would be much more fun and soooo easy to just eat a burger than a bowl of rice and vegetables. I have currently lost 20lbs since the start of my attempt by just dropping the crap out of my diet. Saying good bye to a lot of sweets, pop and just bad foods. Its good. Top that off with a little working out and I am on track to being happier about my health. Dropping the fat doesnt hurt my in-the-mirror pride either. Its nice when you can notice. The day you say... HEY! I have a jaw line! I thought i was born without one.

I got my lady friend something small to celebrate the birth of jesus christ and I am currently on the phone right now to change the delivery method and my estimated wait time is 30minutes! 30 MINUTES! Thats obscene. Right now I work for Mirvish selling tickets (which I really enjoy) and people on the phone seem shocked when I am nice to them. Of the things I noticed when I moved, the lack of amazing customer service was a bit one. Nobody seems to appreciate that you patronize their business. Its such an odd town. So when I am really nice to people who are buying hundreds of dollars worth of tickets, they seem surprised. Its one of those... you dont by a ticket... I dont have a job situations.

Okay. I am going to go and yell at the nice folks on the phone. Im not even mad. I just feel like I should be for the wait.

Thanks all for reading!


Side note: at the 29 minute mark the phone rang and then they disconnected me. NICE... real nice.

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