Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November 24 - Minty homeless joe and the stinky town

I would first like to start with a comment about the past blog. First off. Sorry I got serious. Secondly I in no way meant that I am a bad boyfriend now. I am a very very good boyfriend now. Better than I have been! So yea. Just saying. My lady friend is awesome. And I am not a douche to her.

LETS BEGIN. Does anybody else know an old lady that for SOME reason has a computer? They have no idea how the world works and some how hurl emails into the universe. I had a woman today call me at work to say that she emailed the company i work for to ask for them to book her tickets. But then her daughter came over and did it for her. So she sent two emails to us saying she no longer needed us to get her tickets. When i tried to ask her who she emailed (complete with all her credit card info) she said she didnt know. So this woman filled an email with personal credit info and just clicked SEND! when I told her that we didnt sell tickets from email requests because we have a box office, a ticket call centre, and an online service instead, she didnt understand. I tried and tried to tell her that she wouldnt be sold more tickets, but she just COULDNT grasp it. BARELY GRASPING, i managed to get her off the phone. It was done! information had been delivered from my mouth to her ears. She called back 3 times.

My mom is alot like this. She hasnt quite figured out facebook. Instead of posting a message on your wall she tends to post one to you on hers. Next time I see he I also will need to show her how to change the ringer on her cell phone. So, at least we have plans! She will probably try to write an upset comment on this blog. I guess we will have to see what happens

Last night I performed at ETON House. A tuesday night stand up comedy bar. It was great fun. Mid day I got a call from a friend saying that a person had dropped out and so she suggested I throw my name in. Long story short I got to open. Its tough to open for an audience. Its been a real treat and a nice test to be able to walk into a bar where NOBODY knows me and make people laugh. In victoria, because they know me, a lot of audiences laugh before i even say anything. which i could take either way.

Of all the shows I have seen in Toronto i have to say that watching second city is the one that i said I WANT TO DO THAT. I enjoyed their show and I think my style... not so much my characters... would do well on that stage. I apply in January, so i suppose we shall see what happens. I will either get laughed into a job or laughed off the stage. Either way, I hope they laugh.

Toronto stinks. I mean that in the kindest of ways. It fucking stinks. But not all the time. You will be walking down the street on a nice crisp fall morning and then all of a sudden BAM! A waft of stench hits you in the face. Hits you like a stranger throwing a sponge at you. It doesnt hurt but after you say... what the hell was that? where did that come from???? Its so bizarre. I can only assume that it will get worse as the weather gets hotter. Much worse.

Today as i walked by my favorite minty breathed homelessman he said DO YOU HAVE IT? and i said have what? and the moment the words left my mouth I said Why the fuck did you engages him??? but it was to late! DO YOU HAVE IT? Do I have WHAT? do you have IT? DO I HAVE IT? YES!! DO YOU HAVE IT?? no sir. no I dont have it. THATS RIGHT!!! Because I do!

And then he walked away.




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  1. Congrats on the gigs!

    Don't sweat 2nd City -- your success has been foretold by MADAME CHAS as you know. They will want you like Dracula wants Hammer Studios to come back.