Friday, December 17, 2010

December 16 - A Cold Rumor

So I had the day off today, and I will say that I had every intention of writing my blog mid afternoon and telling you all about my day, but it would appear things didnt work out that way!

I didnt get much sleep last night, and what little sleep I did get was interrupted by my brain waking me up every 30 minutes worried I had slept in. I had part 2 of my audition this morning, and most of the night I was worried I would sleep in and miss it. The audition was fine. I don’t think they have an interest in me so if I get a call that’s a "no, thank you" I wont be hurt or let down, and if I get a call that’s positive I will be pleasantly surprised. So I think I am in a good place for results. It was an odd audition process. They were very clear in an extremely vague way about what they were looking for. Because they were looking for talent, and not for a specific role, it was hard to know what they really needed. Oh well. Tomorrow the ax will fall on the situation and it will be finished which is nice. Waiting is a very lame game.

After the audition today I ran some errands and then went to see a movie. I was going to say I treated myself to a movie after the audition... but if you have read my blog before you know very well that its not a treat. Movies are more of an addiction or habit than a treat. Today I saw Black Swan and really enjoyed it. Even when there are people who would see a movie with me, I tend to see movies alone. If I have a day off then the mid week matinee is the best. Adults are working, kids are in school, and the people who aren’t working cant afford to see a movie for $13. BONUS! Nothing like a huge new release on a gigantic screen being watched in an almost empty theatre. Fantastic.

2 weeks ago I went to see a movie at a theatre I don’t normally go to. I think in the days before the giant multiplex chain it was probably a mom and pop theatre. The nice ones with the over priced popcorn, but the ticket is so cheap you don’t care? This 4-screen theatre is now owned by a huge conglomerate but doesn’t have the size, style, or location to really compete with the other theatres, so it has become sort of the "art house" theatre. When I went and saw the new Woody Allan film, it was the only screen in Toronto it was playing on, and they also had a fairly unknown documentary on the marquee outside. The theatre is built directly above the subway to the point that I think the floor of the theatre might be the roof of the subway station. I say this because every 7 minutes the theatre would shake and rumble with every train below. I was quite upset that this was the case. Who the hell builds a business over a subway, where one of the main ingredients for success is sound... and specifically... silence! Strangely enough though, because you couldn’t hear the screech of the tracks, just the rumble... and because it was so constant... I guess my brain just accepted it and downed it out. I didn’t really enjoy the film... but it had nothing to do with the trains.

A few blogs ago I commented on the transit system in Toronto and said that there was currently a big to-do about it. I think what I failed to mention is that like other major cities, Toronto is thinking about privatizing its public transit. It seems that most people agree that this isn’t a good idea... that is... until something goes wrong with the transit. I cant tell you how many times in the 2 months I have been here that I have been late because of the transit. Streetcars fill so quickly with people in the mornings, and do they run more cars to accommodate it? NOPE! The other day I missed 3 cars because they were full! THREE! That’s bullshit! And the subway? They have the nerve to call the subway here "The Rocket". Calling the subway the rocket is like calling me the fastest thinnest man in the world. You can’t give yourself a nickname! You just cant! In high school a kid I knew named Noah, but in his yearbook profile he put that everybody called him "Nigs". Noah is the whitest person that I have ever met! EVER! I saw an albino man on the street the other day that would be more fitting to be called Nigs than Noah.

Side note, the one time I hung out with Noah outside of school he wanted to show me his stereo system. For those of you who know who I am, you will know that I couldn’t give a shit about anybodies stereo. If you have heard my cd you will know that I don’t care about sound quality at all! HA! Take THAT mike Delamont! JERK. Anyways, He wanted me to see his whole speaker system and when I got there is was just speakers. Just simple cheap store bough speakers. I had the same ones at my place, but Noah talked about them as if they were the greatest speakers in the world. This is the same time he also showed me that he had clown porn. I realize that’s a deviation from speakers but its true. He had a video of clowns having sex. An actual porno, not just something online but real VHS. Looking back now, the thin veil of showing me speakers in his room, and then showing me part of a porno seems odd, but there was no gay or seductive vibe about it. I almost wish there was, as it would make for a much more interesting blog entry. I saw speakers, watched clown porn, and then Noah and I made sweet man on man love for the rest of the day until his mother called him to dinner. THAT is a blog story worth reading. Hmmm next time.

I have been told by many of the folks who read my blog that they enjoy the honesty that comes with it. I am not a particularly open person and so I am ripe for rumors and assumption about the things that I do it my life. Most girls who I chat with have been warned by their friends not to talk to me because im "a player" and they will get hurt. Of course, these warning actually come from a "friend" who has never met me but has heard about me from somebody who had met me once. I found that for a long time my silence about what was going on in my private life was starting to hurt my life, so now, I am open and I talk about it. I didn’t really have any secrets before, but now people know I don’t I guess. In reality I am a straightforward person and, as most find out, not the monster or man whore the rumors would suggest. THOUGH, I have heard some AMAZING rumors! My grade 9 girlfriend broke up with me and wouldn’t tell me why. Now that we are adults she says she did it because she had heard that I had lied to her and had had sex with more than 10 women! I was 14 folks! If I had been with 10 women at the age of 14 I would probably be a very different person by now. Probably an exhausted person. Though if I had been with 10 by the age of 20 I probably would be a much cockier person. Oh well. Good rumor though. "The Chubby lothario". It’s my upcoming major motion picture. True story. Emotional. Sexy. I’m played by Jack Black. I have also heard that I had a threesome at my work place, that I have an enormous penis, that I have a tiny penis, that I donated sperm, and the one that shocked me the most was that I had forcefully taken advantage of a girl. As a chubby man, a girl saying no is NOTHING NEW. If you don’t want to... Im happy to watch a movie! I even like chick flicks! For the people who know me, the idea that I would push myself on a girl is quite a funny one, but to those who pretend to know me, the fact that I am a sperm donating rapist with a tiny penis is a reality that is all to real.

SIDE NOTE: I mentioned "Chubby Lothario", I just wanted to clarify that Im have never been chubby but in fact "husky" according to my mother and the Zellers boys clothing department.

Due to my lack of sleep and high stress the past few days, this evening at around 6 I thought I should just take a quick nap. It would ease my day and I would be able to go out and see a musical I had tickets for. I closed my eyes at 6 and woke up bright and refreshed... 8 hours later. My nap turned into a night sleep apparently. So at 2am, to the sound of my roommate singing and playing the song "Georgia" (to which he does not know the words to) I woke up fresh as a daisy. I am dehydrated and would REALLY like some juice, so I may drag my ass out of bed and walk to the corner store to get myself a juice. I do like grapefruit juice.... hmmmm... we shall see.

Last night I got to meet Colin Mocherie. I watched him perform and we chatted briefly after. He is quite nice. Much taller than I thought he would be. We snapped a photo and then I had to go. It was lovely. It’s amazing in this town what small shows, with such big names, happen all the time.

This town is an interesting place. I have yet to warm to it, but Im here for good, so I probably should at some point, though Im guessing winter is not the best time. My lady friend will arrive in Toronto MID January. That should be fun for her. She has the body fat of a matchstick and I have a fear she might actually freeze, but we shall see I suppose. She is dropping her life and moving across the country to hang out with a bum like me. A friend of mine today was saying that its nice at the end of the day if you know there is somebody in the world who is your number one and you are theirs. It makes sense and it makes me glad to think about it.

Anyways, I think its time to throw on some boots, mitts, a hat, a warm sweater, warm pants and a winter coat and go get some juice. Today the weather network informed me that there would be a high of -4 today and a low of -8 and that the current temperature was -10. Thanks weather network. You have always been so reliable.

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