Friday, December 17, 2010

December 17 - Audition 2: Electric Boogaloo


As some of the more avid readers will know I have spent 2 days this week in auditions for a project that I want to be a part of. After 2 different auditions I was told that if I got an email it would be to tell me I didn’t get it, and if I got a phone call, it meant that I got it. Well readers... at 3:30 today my phone rang! They called to tell me I didn’t get it.

And so we move forward.

My first professional and failed audition was for a touring production of the Sound of Music. I, a black haired non-German was auditioning for the role of Friedrich or Rolfe. I don't know what the end reason was; perhaps it was because even at age 12 I looked like I was 47. I suppose we shall never know! Oh well.

The failure is a part of the job though. It’s a lame part of the job, but a big part nonetheless. Most times when I walk out of an audition, I don’t feel I have done well. And normally, Im right. Most of the roles I get are because people asked me to be in the shows. I didn’t need to audition, but in a big town where nobody knows me or has an interest in me, well its back to the grindstone. I am thinking about taking some classes. Over the years I have worked so hard to develop my skills as a solo performer that it’s hard for me to be in an ensemble. I don’t trust the other performers. The nice thing about bombing alone is you are the only one to blame, it gives you focus on what to change. With others it’s easy to say, OH ITS THAT OTHER GUY! Not solo. I think I will take some classes with Second City, see if I can develop that ensemble side of me and open up my instincts to include more than one. I am also thinking of applying to the Royal Conservatory to study classical voice again, but we shall see.

I have been fortunate enough that in my 7 years of being reviewed I have never actually had a "bad" review. I’ve been lucky enough that if a review didn’t look favorably on me that I usually agreed before hand. One review said that my character was basically useless to the plot and almost filler to which I said YES! RIGHT!?! THERE IS NO POINT! But I cashed the cheque and had fun. The only "bad" review I had was from a reviewer who said that myself and the other actor were homophobic and misogynistic. That’s an odd combo huh? IF YOU WILL TOUCH MY PENIS THEN I HATE YOU!!! The only thing that turned it from a bad review to a "bad" review was that he started by saying SURE, THESE GUYS ARE FUNNY BUT... and then went on a tirade. It was nice. He and the other actor talked about it and I think he said sorry. It was a review that was done to kill not wound. It was a bullet shot. In response we actually wore fake moustaches and protested our own show with poster boards and a picket line. I thought it was fun!

So last night, because I had slept 8 hours at night, It meant that I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I just stayed awake until I had to go to work. I worked 11 hours. I am sleepy. I am having trouble keeping my eyes open but I shall write in the hopes of more inspiration. I work every day from now until Christmas Eve. Our office was going to be open on Christmas day, but the company cancelled the show on Christmas day. Who ever would have guessed that 2000 people wouldn’t want to go to see a show on Christmas day? Took me by surprise. So no work on the 25th. That’s a bonus! In the next days I work 70 hours. So I think by next Saturday I will just want to pass out.

As I write this I would like to let you know that the house that I currently call home was built in the early 1900's. It’s a lovely place; the only problem being is that the walls are paper-thin. Thankfully I have no had a girl over or lets just say there would have been no privacy. You can hear somebody talk in the next room as if they were talking to you. Now I find the fact that one of my roommates loves to sing 'Georgia' by Ray Charles quite endearing. I also enjoy that he sings it most of the time quite loudly, and my enjoyment is increased by the fact that he doesn’t actually know the words. Hes a fun guy and enjoyable to listen to. What I don’t like? The fact that it seems my neighbor to me in the apartment next door, with whom I share a wall with, seems to have recently purchased a harmonica! YAAAAY! I can’t wait to see how this turns out!

So before I pass out I shall say good night my friends, and thank you for reading!

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  1. You and my pal Jim are the only other people I have ever met who compulsively add "Electric Boogaloo" after the number two. I think I love you.