Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December 27 - Cooties Positive

Like the lost man in the desert who has visions of waterfalls and cool liquid pools, I like nothing more than to sit an watch the food network. My show of choice is usually anything to do with cake. I love cake! I wish that I could decorate cake as nicely and as interestingly as they do. I was once quite handy with clay. I could make faces, masks, and all sorts off different things with clay and they turned out quite nice. Sadly though, once you leave the world of high school, the practicality of owning clay and a spinning wheel tends to diminish.

Its interesting how the things we want as kids tend to go away as adults. I remember very clearly as a child wanting to get married but having no interest in kissing the bride. This, of course, was at an age when kissing a girl was just not done! Forget STD's, you can take a pill for that... cooties on the other hand? Those last a life time!

Today I was able to spend most of my day with my mom. Her and I are quite close and its nice to be able to visit her. Her and I, like most parent/child relationship have our ups and downs. So far its been mostly okay, and the only issues I have had are being treated like a child. My mother reads this so I am sure we will have plenty to chat about after. That should be fun. At least it will give me something to blog about! So thats a bonus.

I am a huge fan of infomercials! I love them! I love how they sell useless stuff and make the regular stuff seem stupid! Its great! The people in those ads, I just worry for their safety! If thats how you shave your legs or cut a tomato... I hate to tell you... but that means YOU are the problem. Not the product. I own many products sold on the television. My crown jewel of my collection? The Bullet Blender. Have I used it for any of the things in the commercial? Good god no! I think i might have made a milkshake once. Though I think that might just be a lie. In fact, Im almost positive it is.

It has been nice to be back home in Victoria BC and strangely enough, I miss Toronto. As much as I bitch and moan about it I suppose I have gotten used to the pace and routine of the big city to the east. I will enjoy my time here, and then enjoy going to my new home. Im exhausted and in need of an actual nights sleep. Thanks for reading

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