Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 23 - Gay Soldier

Well here we are. To catch those of you up to who I am and what I am doing, my name is mike. Im an "actor" in that I perform, can sing, and some people find me funny. I have left the comforting bosom of my friends, family and home in Victoria, BC, Canada to embark on a journey across the country to Toronto to try and "make it". So far... slow going. Small things here and there, but... Im doing it anyway!

I was fortunate enough to find a sublet in Toronto from another actor who was going away for 2 month. I have called this place home since the start of November. Tonight will be my last night here and I am both happy and sad. Sad because it’s a lovely place with great roommates and a well meaning Hungarian troll that guards the front entrance. Happy because tomorrow I hop on a Jet and make my way back west for 2 weeks. After my 2-week vacation, me (and the lady) fly to Toronto together and move into our cozy new place. Should be fun, and far less lonely.

In the New Year I begin studying with Second City to try and better myself as an ensemble performer. It should be fun. Im not doing the full time program but a smaller one for now to start out as my quality of improv skills would not lend itself to anything major. I am quick and I can do funny, but working with another person in an improv scene if foreign to me. I can’t quite grasp it. Oh well, Im sure Second City will help, and just to be a part of a company that has given birth to so many of the super stars that I admire is a real pleasure.

Tonight I am cleaning my room. In the next 10 hours before I go back to work, this room needs to be pretty looking and smell like whatever girls smell like. SO. Delamont has 10 hours to transform a bachelor pad into a lady's paradise... can he do it? Tune in Wednesdays at 8! I think that would be a great show! I actually think it would be terrible. Though it might be better than some stuff out there. Can I just ask, when did being on TV give you the right to write a book? It boggles my mind that some people have published material. That douche from the Jersey shores has a book out. If you can’t spell 'book' I don’t think you should be allowed to write one. Just my own opinion. There are so many amazing writers out there (I am not one of them as you can tell) who work so hard and have such great work but they cant get in the door of a publishing house because... I dunno... they don’t have abs, or a shitty cable cooking show.

I trash talk the guy from the TV show Jersey Shores because he just lucked out. He fell into a TV show and for some reason people enjoy it. That type of guy has always upset me. I was bullied by a guy just like him. An "oops... that’s my abs" kind of guy. I don’t understand why girls go for that. I get it when a guy has money, it means he can plan, he has a head for business and there has to be some talent there, but guys who just have muscles? I don’t get it. Once when I was a bouncer (yea... a bouncer) I was working at a club and a guy was aggressively hitting on a girl by the pool tables. She was dressed up in her best skimpy attire and he, of course, was in a t-shirt and sweat pants. After she said no several time to giving the man her phone number, he apparently did the only thing he could do. This man pulled out his penis. Not for a long time, but for her to know what was being offered I suppose. I didn’t get a look as I was at the side, but as I was throwing him out of the bar I am OH SO HAPPY to announce, he got the girls number. Good times. Good times.

I read today that Barack Obama has overturned the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell legislations, now allowing gays to openly fight in the military. I think that is a fantastic idea. I think allowing gays in the military and affordable health care will sadly probably not get him re elected in 2 years, but in the long run I think it is steps to a much better future. I remember when I was young I had an uncle who asked me about my opinion of gays in the military. At the time I remember thinking... I dunno? I don’t really care? See this is my thing. I grew up in a small town of 16,000 people. I had no friends of any ethnicity. The closest we came was that one Jehovah witness girl. I didn’t know anybody who was gay, and I had a fairly generic middle class upbringing. I think, if my parents had any negative opinions, I might have grown up to hate what I didn’t know. As it stands, I have no real opinion of it at all. As it wasn’t a part of my moral foundation I have a hard time understanding why you would judge somebody for something as silly as the color of their skin or who they are attracted to.

And in the light of this groundbreaking change in American legislation, can we all just agree that Gay marriage needs to be legal all over the world? The sanctity of marriage? A straight man can marry a toothless crack whore he met in Vegas and have a life together and that’s okay in the eyes of the lord, but 2 men or women who care about each other cant? A gay couple can be together for years but because of "the lord" there are places in the world that they cant marry which means that they often cant adopt, they cant share pensions and life benefits, and god forbid one of them becomes deathly ill, the other cant be in the room because they aren’t legally family? Get a life. You want to talk about Jesus and compassion? You want to talk about living a better life and creating a utopian world where we can all be happy? I think letting to people who love each other be able to share that with the world in the eyes of the law is the first step through that door. And if you are the type of person who says, if we let a man marry a man then what’s next? Farm animals? Then I will tell you this... if that is truly your logical adult fear? Than yes. Yes that is the next step. Now perhaps you should go back home and wonder why carrots used to be purple but now they are orange.

Okay folks. It is time to clean! I will likely be in Vancouver BC when I write tomorrows blog, so Im sure I will have a lot to talk about! Talk to you tomorrow

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