Saturday, December 25, 2010

December 24 - HOHOHO Eve

So here I sit, travel weary at the Vancouver International Airport. Im sitting waiting to switch planes and finish my journey to Victoria BC. Sitting here with my laptop I cant help but feel like one of those cocky assholes that bring their laptops to a coffee shop. I get it, sometimes you need to work, but to bring a laptop to a coffee house just to be seen? Well thats just silly.

Today I was privileged enough to travel on our country's own Air Canada. Why people choose to fly with Air Canada I will never know. I did it because it was cheap.

Flying is an odd world. A first class flight from Toronto to Vancouver tonight will run you $1800 for the 5 hour trip. I understand why people would do that. The food, booze and seats are much better. I could not bring myself to spend that kind of money. I understand that there is a 'type' of person who will purchase those tickets for such a short flight, but tonight apparently I was wrong. Strolling slowly up to the first class boarding was a couple in Pajamas! I realize that the golden age of wearing a suit on the plane is long gone, but PJ's? The man had trimmed and very deliberate five o'clock shadow. You can take the time to carve out your facial hair in the morning, but not manage to get yourself into a pair of real pants by 8pm? How do you have $1800 for a ticket? How are you not dead yet!?

Just for fun I will say that a man siting across from me is disgustingly eating a sandwich from Subway. I was staring at him angrily and confused not entirely sure how somebody could eat a sub but sound like they were eating spaghetti. When he looked up and met my gaze he said "what?" to which i replied "you're disgusting". Turns out 7 hours of travel makes mike a little bitchy.

Something that I do enjoy about air canada, which I learned about today, is that it appears all of their staff, save for one person, stopped taking French lessons after the eighth grade. It was lovely to have an entire flight where everything that was said in english was repeated in the worst French I have ever heard. How do I know it was terrible? It was exactly the way I would have said it. Delightful

It is about that time to hope on a plane again. I will bid you all goodnight and the happiest of holidays!

(as a side note, this was written at the airport but thanks to the lack of wifi at Vancouver International and the black hole of radio reception that is my girlfriends home, I have had to publish it at my mothers house. Victoria is lovely. Tonight its dinner with the family. You will learn about it all tomorrow! Thanks for reading and I hope you had a lovely christmas morning)

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