Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 22 - Pinko

First off I would like to say sorry about yesterdays blog. It wasn’t my best; sadly it also wasn’t my worst. Turns out a glass of water, 37 Advil and a good night sleep were all the doctor ordered.

Once in high school a math teacher who I was on very good terms with complained that she had a headache. She said she was going to take a Tylenol for it. I suggested she take the whole bottle and relieve both of our headaches. After the shock and offense wore off I think she laughed. I know I did. Oh grade 10. I doubt she will ever read this, but is she does, Sandra Im sorry for making that joke. Also I cheated on the final. I only cheated partially on the test so I would pass but not with more than a 'B'. See... B average... but maybe not 'B' stupid.

At this same school a girl named Ricky Larose once pulled a tab off of a can of pop and then accidentally dropped it into the same can she had just opened. With the same mentality of cutting mold off cheese, I think he plan was to drink around the tab so as not to ingest it. Long story short she swallowed the pop tab. For the next several weeks I would leave pop tabs on her desk with various notes saying Lunch, Dinner etc. At the end of the year, with enough people giving me their pop tabs, I glued and spray painted a small mountain of Pop Tabs and named it "Mount Larose". I am no artist, but I was proud of my abilities that day. My only question to Ricky about it was about when it came out the other end. I asked her when it passed if it made the same "tssssk" noise it makes when you open the can. Looking back it’s not much of a surprise that I was single.

This was also the time in my life I would like to forget. 3 reasons. 1) Hair so covered in hair gel that not even a hurricane would move it. 2) My idea that white pants were cool. And 3) that I ever owned even on bright, cartoon, anime t-shirt. So many style regrets. To this day I would not considered myself stylish. I can wear a suit, and I understand the basic structure. I have neither the time, the money, nor the weight to be "fashionable". GQ suggests that I do. To GQ I say, do an issue for regular men where you advertise a scarf for less than $300 and we will talk about what you think about my style.

Have you ever accidentally found yourselves swarmed by a group of young women? You can hear them coming but usually they are upon you so quickly you have no defense. All of a sudden you are ambushed with the smell of berries and cotton candy and the sound that only a group of young women can make. A high-pitched screech much like that of a busted fan belt. I was lucky enough to be on the subway with some today. I will tell you right now I learned that ears can actually bleed from sound, that "Ryan" is a total asshole, and I think my period is now synced with theirs. Though the cramps could just be gas... I suppose we shall see.

Tonight I went to see the new Coen Brothers film True Grit. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I think the movie would survive and thrive without its bookended starting and finishing narration. Starting the story later and finishing it early would have made for a stronger film, but I suppose they had their reasons. Of the wonderful Coen brothers films of the past such as Big Lebowski, Fargo and my favorite, O Brother Where Art Thou, I feel this film isn’t as timeless or as good though as a film on its own I think its wonderful. Jeff Bridges who has come into his own in the last 2 years takes this film to a new level. He is enjoyable to watch as he drunkenly stumbles through this film as a one eyed marshal lawman. The other notable appearance in the film is the casting of Barry Pepper. For those who don't see a lot of movies, or know each actor by name, many will remember Barry from his turn as the religious sniper in Saving Private Ryan. He is wonderful in this film. Makeup and character are so good that he all but disappears as an actor in this script. I love watching an actor go beyond to create something so special and enjoyable. Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men, Daniel Day Lewis in most films but specifically There Will Be Blood, Christophe Waltz in Inglorious Basterds. Many others. It’s so enjoyable to just watch somebody work so hard and have such great results. At the end of the day I would give this film 3.5 stars out of 5. I would subtract from the 5 based on the unnecessary beginning and ending subplot and also because of either poor green screen or bad cinematography towards the end. Without those 2 simple things this film would sail through to the 4.5 stars. Not that my opinion counts for much, I just see a lot of them.

I am excited to fly to Victoria BC in 2 days. It should be fun to see friends and family. Every family has their ups and downs, but hopefully this holiday will be an up. My mom has been in hospital for various reasons over the last 2 Christmas seasons and So far this year she is out and free! Lets hope it stays that way. Follow along on this trail for a moment.... My niece’s husband's father's fiancé... Still with me? Read that again if you need to. I met this woman (I think) last year. I can’t remember if it was at Christmas or thanksgiving, but I honestly have a hope I will never see this woman again. She scared me. She had dark fake tanned skin that looked leathery, he hair was long and died a matte black, she had enormous fake breasts and she wore enough make up to make you question her age. One of those women who have a young face but a neck who lets you know the truth. I think maybe this was a thanksgiving. I don’t know. I will say this, I was at my niece’s house for dinner and it was the year Obama was running for president of the United States. Now, I am a supporter of affordable health care, gay rights, pro choice and other left leaning ideals so I naturally lean towards the Democratic Party. When it was announced that Obama would be the choice for the democrats I went out and picked up his book the audacity of hope. I loved this book and it was in the last 3 pages or so that made me realize that this man would be a good leader. Here he is 1 year into his term and I actually think he’s doing well. It seems that the uphill battle is hard, but it appears that he gets up every day and keeps pushing that bolder. My hosts at this thanksgiving dinner and some of the guests were, let’s say, right leaning folks. I don’t push my beliefs on people, and I don’t care for other to do that to me. That night was not the case. I wont get into it, as I am eating food at their place in 3 days, but let me just say if you use the word "Pinko" do describe anything other than a colored letter of the alphabet, chances are you and I will have awkward dinner conversation.

I need to be on my way to work in 6 hours so I think it would be good to say goodbye! Thanks so much for reading.

Again, if you have comments or questions, please don’t hesitate.

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