Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 10 - Pretend Nazis

Woo! Happy and proud to announce that I have officially lost a follower of my blog! Who they were and why they left Im not sure, but BOY am I glad they did. If my computer would tell me who they were I would email them and ask. I will assume that they are a nazi and are going back into their time machine to fight the russians. I appreciate them following me for the past 2 months, but I am sure that you are needed back in 1945. I wish you all the best! And good luck with the war, Im sure the germans do well in the end.

Speaking of germans! When I was flying to Victoria BC, I was in the airport and bumped into a girl that I hadnt seen in several years. Her and I had some classes together in high school, and then I think the last time I saw her was on a ferry going from Vancouver to Victoria. Her and I grabbed some food and a drink as we waited for our flights to the west. She informed me that she had recently broken up with her boyfriend. She had broken it off for several reasons, one of which being that he didnt know what the holocaust was. He wasnt denying the holocaust, he wasnt saying that is didnt happen, he was simply saying that he didnt know what it was. How do you make it through 25 years of life and not know about it? I knew about it when I was 10! I often tell my friends to pick up a copy of the book 'Night' by Elie Wiesel and if they dont like it, then I will buy it back from them for the price they paid. I do suggest that you read it also, but I wont buy it back from you. Actually I have never met a person who didnt love the book! This girls ex boyfriend has his masters degree in Canadian History folks! Good thing no canadians had a part in world war two! Good thing we stayed out of that bad boy! On June 6 we dont celebrate D day, we celebrate the birth of famed actor Paul Giamatti! We call it P Day in canada.

How do you go through life and not know about it?! It boggles the mind, and this guy wasn't even kidding. Did he not see Schindlers list? The Pianist? What did he think? OH! WONDERFUL FICTION FILMS! How clever! How do they come up with those story lines! Classic work.

For future reference the attacks on 9/11 didnt happen. That was just David Copperfields newest trick. Neat huh? All done with mirrors, smoke, and a world in mourning. CLASSIC copperfield!

A girl today told me that she wasnt superficial but that her new boyfriend was much fitter and better looking than her last and thats why she dumped the last one. I like that starting a sentence with informing us you arent something is supposed to stay with us when you then say the total opposite. Im not a racist but black people steal! It doesnt work! Now I didn't sleep with your mom... but there is a chance I could be your dad. Do you see where I am going with this? If we were okay with people doing that there would be no stopping us! Now... Im not a bank robber, but give me all your money!

I went to the movies (as usual) the other day and I would like to say that noisy internal gas is one of the most frustrating things in the world! The whole damn film! It sounded like my stomach was moving furniture! Would it quietly come out? No! Would it come out noisy? NOPE! Just rumble rumble rumble, as if my stomach had dropped a bag full of potatoes and steel drums down a flight of stairs. So annoying.

Yesterday I saw the new Sophia Coppola film "Somewhere". This movie is not for the average film goer and I will say right now that if you did not really enjoy Lost in Translation and the Virgin Suicides (her last two films) then I would not recommend this film to you. It is quiet and simple. It is a bit drawn out but that nicely serves to illustrate how lonely and dull the main characters life is. Excellent and simple performances by Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning. It was nice to see Stephen take the helm of a lead role again as it has been quite some time since the public has seem him do so. This film also features an unexpectedly honest and subdued performance by Chris Pontius of Jackass fame. Be prepared for the slow paced style of Coppola and the wonderful, naturally drawn out chemistry between the films two lead characters. I would happily give this film 3.5/5

Thanks for reading, and please follow my blog if you like it! Hell... follow it even if you hate it!

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  1. "her last two films"? Are you a Marie Antoinette denier? You can't just pretend history didn't happen just because you don't like it!