Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January 18 - So It Is Written, So It Shall Be Done! Eventually.

How are we? Have we all re grouped from the last few blogs? Some silly stuff I know, but If i dont write what is pouring out of my head, then there is no point in writing this blog. For those of you who ask me where all of the rants come from, well I will say that it takes very little to set me off. I see a commercial with a monkey, then I start thinking... damn religion! Why is there still an issue over creationism or evolution... thats all. Just a monkey with a phone and Im off.

Recently the pope decreed that the big bang actually happened. Thats quite the news. So it is now the belief of the church that god created the big bang. But that means... if god created the big bang, then it actually happened, and if it happened, then the world is actually millions of years old... so dinosaurs and people DIDN't live together? The pope cant be wrong! The pope is infalable! So if you are saying he is wrong, that means that it could all be wrong. WHO KNOWS!

This what I think about religion. You are welcome to join in or disagree. Like Bill Maher, I often like to preach the gospel of "I Dont Know". However, I do strongly believe the following. I believe that for a long time people, without the knowledge of science, had to make sense of the world. If you dont know why, you need to make something up. You need to use what knowledge you have to come up with the best possible answer. I doubt the phrase was big man in the sky, but the idea that things were put here for a reason seems like a good one. I think it is more a belief of hope, not of logic. Do I hope there is a heaven? Yes. Do I think there is? It pains me to say, no I dont.

When my loved ones pass on, do I want to think that that is it? No of course not. Who wants the game to end. In the board game "Game of Life" you end up in a retirement home or a mansion... I think it would be less popular if you took your little pink and blue husband and wife and put them into a box and put it under the board. Do I hope that there is a heaven? OH yea! Be great to see people again! Be wonderful to know that this isnt it, and that maybe, there is a chance to do it again. Beats a box and a stone that says "Mike Delmonte"

Holy hell my blogs have been bleak as of late huh? What the heck!? So strange. Im not unhappy! I suppose that this is the outlet for me? Who knows. Dont give a bored comedian a computer I suppose.

I bitch and complain a lot about religion, as I believe its caused a lot of hurt in the world and Im not much of a believer, but I will say that for a single moment in my life I felt that it was all true. I walked out of a polish mass at a church in Assisi, Italy. A mountain side town built on the grounds of an old fortress. Seeing the stunning church, architecture, and music and then to walk outside to see the sun setting on what seemed like an endless stretch of italian country side I remember thinking, this cant all be by accident.

So to sum up my religious rant, I think the world is beautiful. Do I think that some guy talked to a snake or some naked chick ate an apple? probably not. Though as I have recently discovered if you go to downtown toronto late at night there is a good chance you could see either of those!

With all this talk of stars and the big bang theory I would like to end today by saying Im happy the astrology signs have changed. Scientists recently discovered that, due to a change in the earths axis, the average persons astrological sign has now changed. It turns out that I am now a gemini. Who would have guessed that an actor would be a gemini. TWO PEOPLE IN ONE? WHAAA??? I could care less to be honest. Though I did hear one girl scream in tears I'M NOT A TAURUS! I'M JUST NOT!!! Though to be fair she might have just found out her Mother is a lovely jewish woman and her father, is in fact, a car.

Thanks for reading

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