Friday, January 21, 2011

January 21 - Cheese at 1200 Feet

2 things. 1, I have been told by a woman near and dear to myself that I am no longer to call myself fat or a liar. I have apparently said it, and now its done. So.. noted. Thanks mum. 2, I didnt write a blog yesterday. Why? I got busy. I was editing my girlfriends first music video and by the time I looked up from the screen, it was past 2am, and nobody needs to hear what I have to say at that point of exhaustion.

It has been described to me that when I first wake up and get out of bed I am somewhat like a baby giraffe. Not quite sure if I can walk, but some sort of natural urge to see if I can. I stumble, I fall, I am all round pathetic, but I make it! So thats good

Today I was in a public bathroom and went to wash my hand and the paper towel was already wet. How did THAT happen? I have no idea!

Normally I would quickly write a new blog and post it as yesterdays blog, but NOPE! I forgot, and I'll tell ya right now its tough to take a break. I didnt want to skip it and then all day long I was thinking about the fact that I missed it without a very good reason. Oh well. What can you do right? I wont say that I will never skip another one because we all know thats just not true.

Do you know a bitch? I do. Now When I say bitch, what i mean is a total bitch. I know a woman who, no matter what time of day, month or year she is totally unpleasant! Whats the deal?? Who is unhappy ALL the time? Seriously! It just doesnt make sense. I have known this woman for 3 months and only once was she nice to me and smiled. And what happened when she smiled and was kind for 5 minutes? I thought something was wrong with her. Hey! Why are you smiling??? Are you having a stroke? Is something wrong??? DID THE POPE DIE??? If you smile and somebody thinks its a symptom... Its time to end it.

Today I went to the CN Tower. I stood on the edge of the glass floor. I will admit that I got onto it about 2 feet. 1200feet in the air I stood on a glass floor. I enjoyed it! I thought I was going to Vomit. But I didnt. I do have pictures. Fortunately you cant see the tears... or smell the poop.

So. I am eating pizza and I couldnt be carb happier. People say you shouldnt fall off the wagon. But I have. I have fallen from the heavens of weight loss and into the mud. And like a pig in shit i couldnt be happier. In the morning I will regret it, and I will have to work harder, but sometimes GOSH its nice to break the rules. Is it sad that eating pizza is now the most risque thing in my life? I think so. Oh well.

WOO Cheese.

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