Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24 - LICK IT!

Why hello! thank you so much for joining me for my blog! Chances are you stumbled upon it because of some tag word that popped up in a google search. Thanks for stumbling upon me! I wont be offended if you leave. If you choose to stay... read my first blog so you have some idea of what's going on. If you don't want to read it I will simply say that I am a slim, wealthy and successful actor living in Toronto.

Moving on.

If you want to see a fun and entertaining video please YouTube "Nerdy Girls Need Love Too". Its a video and a single that I produced featuring a charming and talented young lady named Amy Lee Radigan. (dont tell her grandma but she lives with me in sin) It's a cute video about Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr Who and all things nerdy. Worth a watch. Please enjoy!

So here we are. A temperature dropping as low as minus 20! Do you know what I really love to do when it's -20? NOTHING! FUCKING NOTHING! At -20 NOT including wind chill even your Jeans hurt! YES I am aware that there are places in the world that are colder and more difficult, but I dont care. Am I there? no! Are you there? Maybe! And if you are, and its that cold, you are obviously inside on your computer! So SHUSH! I hate cold! It burns! How fair is that? Its not! How is it possible that it BURNS! Walking from the subway the other morning it felt like somebody called my name and when I turned to look they spanked me in the face with a baking sheet! Just solid pain! You get inside a door and all of a sudden you realize you havent blinked in 20 minutes.

Today I was having a conversation about sticking your tongue to metal in the cold. I have vivid memories of being in play school and kids, every winter, sticking their tongues to the fences and getting them stuck. Teachers would come out with a jug of warm water and pour it oh so gently and the panicked young child would fall free from their frozen prison. If the child was brave enough, and by brave I mean STUPID enough, they would pull themselves off the fence, ripping anything attached. Knowing all of this, did we as children stay away from the fence? Nope! Most of us tried to get the other kids to do it. I can remember plenty of times that I tried to trick a boy into getting stuck to a fence. NO! OF COURSE YOU DONT GET STUCK! THATS AN OLD WIVES TALE! OF COURSE I HAVE DONE IT! I DIDNT GET STUCK! WHY WONT I DO IT? CAUSE I HAVE DONE IT BEFORE! IF YOU ARE TOO AFRAID YOU DONT NEED TO! NO ITS OKAY! WE CAN JUST TELL PEOPLE YOU WERE AFRAID. ITS ALL GOOD!.... Aaaaaaand STUCK. Gold! Solid gold!

Regrets? Not a one.

Tonight after I got off work, Amy and I celebrated her getting a new job! Employment! Finally! We went to a little hole in the wall pub that had an amazing selection of beer. Really great and enjoyable place. I hadnt been to a pub in town yet and it was wonderful. I have lots of friends who love to go to bars and dance. Some like to do house parties. A small select few like to enjoy erotic entertainment. I like to sit in a pub and drink beer. If i can get affordable beer and a wood burning fire, well you have a happy man. But i will take a good beer at the very least.

Its getting to that point that I should probably pack it in. I have rambled long enough. As you have probably notice by now, some of my blogs are good, some are dull, and some are total crap. Sorry about this one.

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. No need to apologize for this entry, it was funny! Glad to hear that Amy found work, and please tell her that Nerdy Girls Need Love Too was so awesome it has earned her a SPECIAL PRESENT which we will get for her when we go to LA next month. It's like she won a prize or some junk!