Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 12 - Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet, and Fiction

Tonight I was able to see a show that I have seen many times, but today was different. Admittedly the show is an improv show so its always a little different, but today was something special. When seeing a comedy show, one of my favorite things is to see people Corpse or Break. This means when they start to laugh and then cant continue because they are laughing too hard. Its fun and frustrating when it happens to you, but its a blast to watch on stage. It means the performers are in the moment and more importantly that they are enjoying what they are doing. A new popular thing coming out of the UK right now is a fake corpse, where the uncontrolled laughing is planned. It gets the point across, but its frustrating if you start to notice.

I have very happily never used a "plant". Somebody in the audience who is pre planned and knows whats going to happen. Many times after I perform, because of how often and how much I talk to the audience, people ask me if those people knew I would talk to them. They dont. They never do. And I never do either. I never know what they will say. I like it that way. Its a tough gamble to avoid the people you know, but if it works its a huge pay off. Cirque du Soleil, whom I adore, likes to use plants. Some of their shows, I wont mention which ones, use their plants to great effect. Sometimes you dont know, and others, once the reveal happens you are so impressed and amazed. The one show of theirs where is doesnt work is their Las Vegas water extravaganza "O". A man is pulled out of the audience, forced to climb a rope latter several stories in the air and then free fall from the ceiling into a pool. At no point do you believe its not a plant, but gosh its fun to watch.

Its nice to be back at home in Toronto. Working and seeing all of my favorite shows. I missed the "east coast". I say east coast because I havent been any further east than Toronto. I was born in Winnipeg, and then 4 days later I was flown (with my new adopted parents) to British Columbia. Other than that I havent been further east than that in Canada. I am fairly sure that most Canadians dont get to see most of their own country. I know that had I not moved to Toronto, there is a good chance I wouldnt be able to see most of the east. Now I am an hour flight from most major towns on this side of the country and I cant wait to explore. Even if its just for a weekend, I look forward to new adventures.

Today, my self and another producer applied for a spot in a festival for my new one man show. We didnt get in, but we now sit happily on the waiting list in the hopes that enough people take a walk and drop out. As I continue to write my new show, I will admit that my knowledge of religion (a major part of the new show) is limited at its best. It has been fun to read up on a lot of it, but GOSH there is so much to read. So much of it is like reading a childrens book that adults read. Did a man build a boat and try and save some of the animals around him when the valley started to flood? Likely. Was he 500 years old and saved every animal? Unlikely. Is he portrayed drunk and incestuous on the ceiling of the sistine chapel? Oh you bet your sweet ass he is.

Tonight i saw an actual business that said "medical Pharmacy". Isnt every Pharmacy a medical pharmacy? If its not... chances are you just purchased oxycotton from a man in a white lab coat. Good luck with that! And thanks so much for reading!

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