Friday, January 28, 2011

January 27 - I am Oprahs half brother.

Amy and I decided that we should get cable. Why not right? who doesnt like a little TV? The only problem is that we basically only watch 2 channels! Comedy Network and the Food Network are basically the only things on in our place. I think because of that it works out to about $35 a channel for a month of TV! Either we should watch more or less! GOD i love Food Network though! So good! I cant make anything that they make but I am oh so happy to watch!

So at a late hour last night our YouTube video "Nerdy Girls Need Love Too" hit 1,000 hits, which is exciting. It had been up for only 4 days, so thats fun. Tonight at a late hour it hit 2,000! Good times had by all. Its nice to see something you are proud of is being enjoyed be total strangers. People are even buying the MP3! I suppose it just goes to show if you use a pretty girl to sell a product to a bunch of nerdy folks with lots of disposable income... things can shine... and I GUESS she might be really good at what she does.

There is a guy on YouTube right now and he has a video of him basically just talking. Its funny and entertaining, but the reason I mention it is this. For those who dont know, Oprah just announced that she has a half sister. Something that made me laugh is that at no point did this woman say HOLY SHIT MY SISTER IS THE RICHEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD! Thats like somebody telling you that OH! By the by... your uncle is Bill Gates. ANYWAY. So this guy on youtube called his video "Oprahs Sister" and even has her face in the thumbnail. When You watch it, you realize 2 seconds in that its not Oprah or her sister. This guy, when last I checked had more than a quarter of a million hits. Cheating move... but still kinda clever.

So I have decided to look for a fantastic Cannoli. I havent had a good Cannoli since italy. I had a TERRIBLE one yesterday. Im not even a snob for them. My first one was in a cafe in the town of Assisi. I ate it and said... OH.. I see! And have looked for one as good ever since. The rest are soft and lame. What is the deal, why is italy so much better at fatty foods? Wanna know the best Gelato I've ever had? At a TRUCK STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF CENTRAL ITALY! How is that possible? How can the best Gelato place in this country be bested by a road side truck stop? I thought the only thing you were supposed to get from those places is Herpes and regret... not world class ice cream.

I love seeing friends of mine in commercials! Right now my friend Ryan is in the A&W ads and when the Helium one comes on I just drop what Im doing. Other than that my friends Naomi and Matt are in the new Kraft four cheese commercial where the husband romantically starts speaking italian to his wife. Its a great commercial. Sure, I would like to be in a commercial at some point, but gosh I love watching funny friends in them! So entertaining.

Anyway, I work early in the morning to it is time for me to say good night to you all! Thanks so much for reading and I will talk to you again soon!

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  1. Your friend Ryan is EXCELLENT in that very funny A&W commercial. I was just telling Heather how funny I thought it was.