Monday, January 24, 2011

January 23 - One AMAZING blog for Three, Low, Easy, Monthly Payments

I don't have a couch. I would like a couch. Im tired of sitting on the floor! No furniture. A TV and a bed. That's all! This would be fantastic if I lived in a dorm but sitting on the floor as an employed adult has lost its charm! If I don't find a second job soon and get some more money so I can afford things to sit on then I will either have to purchase a tee-pee or tatami mats. I would rather people think I was embracing Native and Japanese culture than just lazy and poor.

Toronto is full of flakes. I realize that everybody has their moments, I know I certainly do, but it seems this city has a great concentration of flakes. People go out of their way to commit to little things all the time and just NEVER pull through! Its lame! Why the odd lies? Why odd little lies? Did we NOT read the blog about lying?

About a 6 weeks ago I asked my boss if I should be looking to get a second job. We are hitting a slow time and everybody had been telling me how little the hours would be. When I asked him if I should grab another job so I would be able to pay for all of those silly things in my life like clothes, food, and heat, he said no. My hours have been cut. I went from 40 hours down to 30. That's no much I suppose, only 10 hours. But when you consider that its 25% of my pay cheque it makes it rough. This time a month ago I was working at least 55 hours a week. Now... when I say im poor I mean that I have a TV and a bed. I still make rent, I still eat to much, and I am still okay... It just means there isnt room for a lot else. Sadly my movie addiction is having to go cold turkey until February 11. Once that pay cheque clears it will be THE ALL MOVIE EXTRAVAGANZA!

While I am a nobody, there are still 2000 people a month who read this blog, so I figure I will give a should out and a suggestion. I would like you all to either myspace or youtube Colleen Eccleston. I have spoken about her before. Collen, her brother Kelt, our friend Danette and I all worked together at the BC museum together almost 3 years ago, performing a christmas show. Colleen has just released a solo CD and it is worth a listen. She is a quiet, unassuming and stunningly talented person who deserves so much more success than she has had. The fact that she is not a household name in the world of folk and celtic music is amazing. She has a unique and stunning voice and is worth a listen. I think everybody should buy her CD, but I wont ask that. Go to Myspace or Youtube, or even her main band The Ecclestons website. Know about her and I think you will feel the same way I do about her. Oprah always joked that if she ever had Anthony Hopkins on her show she would just sit and listen to him read names out of the phone book because he has such an amazing voice. And she did. I would listen to Colleen sing the phone book. Savy? MOVING ON!

Today's blog is coming a little bit later than normal. I ate dinner late tonight and then laid down in bed at around 8pm only to blink and wake up 2am! Now its 3:30am and I am wide awake. I dont mind, the only thing that bothers me is that there is nothing but GARBAGE on TV! Who shaved their legs like that? You dont need a new 17 blade razor, you need to learn how to shave. You dont need a new knife set, you need to learn how to cut! I have had some tough meat and some big turkeys, but normal people look at their knifes and say this knife wouldn't cut a pipe, a brick, OR a shoe. OF COURSE NOT! ITS NOT A BANDSAW! ITS A STEAK KNIFE. I proudly own a bullet blender. Have i used it to make ANYTHING on the commercial? NOPE! Chances are if you have the time to make a homemade pesto sauce to go over your pasta, or a chocolate mousse from scratch then likely you are doing just fine without the Magic Bullet. Ironically i do need a better razor. I bought a 10 pack for 5 bucks. I bought it for the price, not the quality. I made a mistake. I sliced and diced myself. I guess I got used to 4 blades and not 1. Good thing I grow facial hair like a 13 year old girl. So those 10 razors should do me for the next 3 - 5 years.

Side note, famed Juice Man and Juicer front man Jack Lalanne died today at age 96. He said that he used his juicer every day and that, mixed with a healthy diet and exercise, was enough to keep him healthy into his old age. 2 things. ONE, Most things you mix with a healthy diet and exercise will keep you alive long enough. SURE I do a lot of blow and heroine, but I always make sure I eat 2000 calories a day and hit the gym 5 days a week! Secondly, If drinking out of the juicer and eating healthy will make me look like Jack Lalanne, then Im okay. I'd rather take a dirt nap at 50 instead of spend 96 years looking like a tanned scrotum in a track suit.

I have gone on long enough! This blog goes from 20 readers a day up into the hundreds and I have no idea why! I dont know who you people are, but I thank you for reading!

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