Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January 25 - Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!

How do people who make dull entertainment keep getting work? I dont understand! Hollywood seems so strange, in that they seem to give people money who dont really deserve it! Why give a poor actor or director the helm of a multi million dollar investment, when all he or she has done has bombed? I dont understand it. If you were an investment banker and all you did was loose people money, the chances they would keep giving you money seems less likely. Are these studio's upset when the film looses money? Do they care? At a price tag of $40 Million, "Season of the Witch" brought in only $4.3 million in its opening weekend. Thats about half of Nicolas Cage's rumored pay cheque. Do they care? Seems like they should or would. I havent seen that movie, and it would appear, like most people, I have no plans to. With the flop, will Cage still get film roles? Yep. He currently has 4 films in the can, is filming the second Ghost Rider film, and has another movie lined up after that. Flip the coin and take a look at Sacha Baron Cohen star of 2006 BORAT. Borat cost $18 million, and pulled in almost a quarter billion worldwide. What has he done since? Not a whole lot! Bruno, Sweeney Todd... and thats about it! He has a role in the new Scorsese film, and then a movie after that, but not more. Bruno made double what it cost which is still fantastic! Ignoring his talent, and bruno, a borat profit of more than $230 Million seems like it should be enough to cast you for a while.

Everybody wants what I like to call the Blair Witch Effect. Blair witch, with everything included, came in at a budget under $750,000, and earned just shy of a quarter of a billion dollars. Who doesnt want that? Thats like investing $0.75 and then getting $25 back. Thats called stupid money.

I guess what got me on to this whole, long winded and dull topic was that tonight Amy and I saw "The Way Back". The way back tells the story of a group of men in a Siberian labour camp escaping and trying to find their way south to Mongolia. The film is inspired by true events of three men who actually did manage to escape and walk more than 4,000km of forest, desert and the himalayan mountains to reach their freedom. A story of three men, would have been wonderful to watch. This film, which was directed by Peter Weir, tried to express the struggle and seemingly unending exhaustion of this group of people. Its hard to do exhaustion on screen and not let the energy lag for an audience. (We all remember The Two Towers now dont we) For those who don't know Peter Weirs work, he is the director behind Dead Poets Society and Truman Show. Both wonderful films. He is also the director of Master and Commander, the lengthy, slow, and epic sea tale starring Russel Crowe. I am sad to say that The Way Back is more like the latter film. Long, slow, and never ending. The main problem for me is that I felt the film kept changing its story. All of a sudden something is said and you are in for yet another 20 un wanted minutes.

Admittedly I have never directed or acted in a film, and this director has done a lifetime of work more than me, but I really didnt enjoy this film. I was un engaged from the start.

Amy's youtube video "Nerdy Girls Need Love Too" which I am happy to be the producer of is steadily climbing in viewers! Its a wonderful song and a cute video and if you havent watched I suggest you pop over to youtube for 3 minutes and enjoy some nerd time.

Why are people assholes? I mean that both specifically and in general. Why are we, AND YOU, as a people, assholes? We all are. Think you arent? Ever gotten in a fight with somebody and said something just to hurt the other person? ASSHOLE! All day long today at work, people were so mean! Why? Im trying to sell you tickets! Im sorry that the best seats are more expensive! Im sorry that you chose to call 3 months after tickets had gone on sale AND a month after CHRISTMAS, and seem to be angry and surprised there are no good seats left for you and your 6 friends to see a musical. PSA time! Dont be an asshole to somebody that is trying to help you! Dont snap your fingers at a waitress, dont talk down to the people making your latte, and dont yell at the guy trying to get you nice seats at a fair price! If you do i promise there will be fart on your food, spit in your coffee, and you will enjoy Les Mis from the corner seat in the top balcony. If you arent nice to the slaves who row the boat we will paddle this bitch into the rocks.

Thanks for reading!

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