Friday, January 14, 2011

January 14 - Joe Job Poverty

My urban camping trip is over! The $30 air mattress that was purchased while we waited for the bed to arrive, sadly, passed away yesterday. It expired from a torn seal. It leaves behind a queen matress, a baby balloon, and two totally annoyed owners. What the hell! That air mattress was purchased less than a week ago and already... DEAD! Time to get the money back! Thank goodness the new ultra soft and comfy bed arrived! I could hardly get out of bed this morning. Thought about calling in sick.

What ever happened to quality? Did you know that the life of your average fridge is 7 years? That isnt to much. Because of my gigantic hobbit feet, it is very difficult to find shoes. The only place that I could find affordable winter boots (ie... under $200) was at Payless. The shoes said "impenetrable", meaning that no water would ever get in. And its true. That is up until 2 weeks ago when the outer layer cracked and they now hold out as much water and snow as a coffee filter. Payless said I could go back and exchange, and I will, but gosh what a pain in the ass.

Folks from Slovenia conistantly read my blog. I dont think I know anybody from that part of the world, but I thought I would say Hello to them!... hello! and say thanks so much for reading!... anyways.

Tonight I passed by the Italian Consolate which happens to be just around the corner from our house. It has a large sign outside promoting Italian lessons. I am strongly thinking about joining! I speak a little Italian currently and I would love to speak more. Italy, specifically Rome, is one of my most favorite places in the world. All of the italian residents that I know all say "Come visit! But never live here". Im not sure why they say just visit, but I will take the advice and visit as much as I can! One of my more popular stage characters is an Italian wine maker and so I think it couldnt hurt to speak a bit more! Also I would be doing it for work! Thats a tax write off correct?

I am about to apply for a second job. I have a full time job already, and I sure like it a lot, but gosh I am tired of being poor! I dont need to be rich, I DO need to NOT be poor. Fuck that noise! Thats right readers! Fuck it! I dont like living pay cheque to pay cheque! Forget raising a family on my joe-job wage... I cant even raise ME! And I happen to be the biggest child I know! Thats a fact folks. Look it up. Oceans are cold, dirt tastes bad, and mike delamont is a giant child. Facts of life!

Nap time for this child.

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