Sunday, January 16, 2011

January 16 - Kenny G and The Faberge Egg!

Just to kick start things here, for those of you who read my last blog and didnt know my bit about the fight with the girlfriend was a joke, well it was! Im sorry to have mislead you! We didnt get in a barroom style fight. No glasses or punches were thrown and we certainly never had to go to any police... it was all a joke. And a big thanks to those who took the time to message me and ask if I actually hit her. I understand Im a giant, but what about me? No i didnt hit her, BUT YOU BOTHER TO ASK IF SHE HIT ME? you know, many men suffer in silence in abusive relationships because they are to ashamed to say that a woman physically over powers them. TAKE A STAND my friends! Be Proud... unfortunately amy doesnt beat me. Well... Not unfortunately. Its actually a good thing she doesnt. Im 6 foot 7 but i bruise like a peach!

I met Amy in September of 2010. She came to see a play that I was in. She was in fact on a kind of a date when we first met. In order to break the ice when I first chatted with her at a club afterwards, I simply said that her date (who was elsewhere) looked like Kenny G. 2 things about that comment. 1) She didnt know who Kenny G was, and so thought I was being a total asshole, 2) this guy looks exactly like Kenny G!!!

Her and I didnt break the friendship barrier for quite some time, which is rare. She agreed to get a beer with me once, which I was surprised by. Like most girls, Amy had been informed by friends, family, ex's, and the clergy that I was in fact the Whore of Babalon. That I was trouble. That one date with me would leave her raped, pregnant, and confused. I am happy to say that I only left her confused.

She has recently moved out to the East with me and I think she is having a hard time. I have never made that move for somebody. I appreciate that she has. She has left friends, family, and jobs behind to truck after a husky actor who cant get any work. The smartest move? I think no. But I still think its sweet. I think once she gets a job, and then books a visit home, she will be perfectly fine.

She proof reads most of my blogs, and edits my terrible spelling and missed words. I am an extremely forgetful person. I have so much in my mind at one time that so much has to get thrown out in order to make way for the new stuff. I wish i wasnt so forgetful and I was saying just the other day that... damnit! Nevermind. Just kidding. I was saying that I should see if I can pick up memory games or something. Something to help me fix my silly silly mind. The quickness of it serves me well on stage, but off stage its a royal pain in the ass.

I think the reason that I chose to write about Amy is that she is a little home sick right now. Its hard to leave what you know and machete your way into a new world. I know that she can as she is more than capable, but its hard to watch somebody struggle. I often dont write about her, as I figured she wouldnt like to be chatted about. Admittedly there are times when I write about things that she does NOT want me to, but I think this on will be fine.

Like all couples there are things about our relationship that are pure shit. And there are things that are pure bliss. I am glad that we can be fairly honest with each other and that we always deal with issues as soon as they arise. Very adult, yes? INDEED! Despite the fact that I am sitting on the floor in my toronto apartment because the only think we have purchased for it is a TV, I AM AN ADULT. Sorta. Will we be together forever? I dont know. We will have to see what the pregnancy test says I suppose.


She is pretty, talented and smart, and I dont know why anybody would hang around with a husky hobo like me, but I think its A OKAY!

Thanks so much for reading

I like to include faberge eggs in my comedy as a good example for something frail and delicate. I ended up finding out after a year of knowing Amy that she had no clue what the hell a faberge egg was. Figured it would be fitting to throw it in the title

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  1. Great post, I could have said many of the same things myself three years ago. Especially about her beating me and the pregnancy. Man I'll never do THAT again!